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Important Information for Landlords and Tenants: Idaho State Code §42-3212 (l) states that delinquent rates, tolls and charges are to be certified to the tax collector of the county by the District, not later than the first day of August and shall be, by said tax collector, placed upon the tax roll and collected in the same manner and subject to the same penalties as other District taxes. Therefore, in July of each year, Eagle Sewer District certifies account balances over $102.00 to the home’s property tax for collection.

To avoid this action, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure the sewer account on their rental is current. To ensure that the property owner is always aware of the sewer account balance on their property, all sewer billings will be sent to the property owners or, at their request, to their property management company. This way the owner of the property, or his representative management firm, will be aware of accounts that are delinquent, incurring late fees, and are subject to certification to the tax rolls for collection.

If requested, Eagle Sewer District will also send renters a tenant copy of the billing. The property owner (or property management firm) will use their copy of the bill to monitor the account balance and the tenant(s) can use their copy of the bill to make payment. This billing process has been set up as a service to our customers, but it does not relieve the property owner of any responsibility in getting delinquent accounts paid prior to the July certification.

If there are any questions concerning this process, please 皇都彩注册contact our office.

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