FAQs - Eagle Sewer District



    皇都彩注册How was the Eagle Sewer District created?
    Who has jurisdiction over Eagle Sewer District?
    How is the District governed and is the City of Eagle involved?
    Why is the Eagle Sewer District separate from the City of Eagle?
    What is meant by the terms wastewater or sewer?
    What constitutes the ESD service area?
    How does the Eagle Sewer District (ESD) currently handle its patrons' wastewater?
    Does the City of Boise Charge ESD for treating its wastewater?
    How much is the sewer service fee?
    How often does Eagle Sewer District bill?
    May I pay for several months at a time?
    How do I sign up for Automatic Payments?
    Why is there an Eagle Sewer District levy on my property tax bill?
    皇都彩注册Will ESD patrons be asked to pay more for sewer services in the future?
    Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Best Management Practices (BMP) For Food Service Facilities
    How do I get service from Eagle Sewer District?
    What steps are being taken by ESD to deal with growth and plan for the future?
    How do I get more information about the Eagle Sewer District, its services and plans?

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